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I listen deeply and carefully to what you are going through using everything I know about the concerns that have brought you to counselling, including the things I have learnt from people I've been privileged to worked with.  

can sit with a lot of pain and I will hold a space for you to explore the full spectrum of your emotions: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Our conversations are meant to welcome every part of you, validate your experience, and let you know that you are not alone.


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My approach is gentle, strength based, and creates new perspectives

My role is supporting you. Our sessions are not meant to leave you drained and depleted. If there are hard parts to your story that need exploring we will tread carefully and gently at your own pace.

I will help you get curious about the things in your life that are going well and how you have been able to make it this far.  Even if you aren't able to articulate your strengths in the moment and are feeling like nothing good is going on.


We shift the focus and the energy from the problem and instead get back to supporting a person, a relationship, a life. This allows us to create new ways of understanding what is happening to you and opens up possibilities for moving forward.

Andrea Rawson Therapy

Etobicoke, Ontario

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